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logit – a simple tool to date-stamp files into a log directory

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Buckminster Fuller: there is no such thing as artificial sweetener

“All the chemist can do is to find out what Nature permits, and any substances that are thus developed or discovered are inherently natural. It is very important to remember that.” — Buckminster Fuller (1963, p. 76)

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Andrews on the irrelevancy of numbers in mathematics

“To the unsophisticated observer of mathematics, it may appear that the use of numbers is the critical characteristic of disciplines which use mathematics, and that one can thus make a discipline more scientific by involving numbers in it more deeply. … Continue reading

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Martin-Löf says mathematics is informal

“Our main aim is to build up a system of formal rules representing in the best possible way informal (mathematical) reasoning.” — Martin-Löf (1984, p. 4)

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