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A Validated Regulatory Network for Th17 Cell Specification

Abstract Th17 cells have critical roles in mucosal defense and are major contributors to inflammatory disease. Their differentiation requires the nuclear hormone receptor ROR&#947t working with multiple other essential transcription factors (TFs). We have used an iterative systems approach, combining … Continue reading

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On my way to ICFP/CUFP/OUD and more in Copenhagen

I’m on my way to ICFP, CUFP, OUD, and more in Copenhagen. Especially interesting to me this year are the several biology related talks and events: ICFP: Sneaking Around concatMap — Efficient Combinators for Dynamic Programming, Christian Höner zu Siederdissen … Continue reading

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Functional Big-Data Genomics

Abstract High-throughput genomic sequencing is characterized by large diverse datasets and numerous analysis methods. It is normal for an individual bioinformatician to work with thousands of data files and employ hundreds of distinct computations during the course of a single … Continue reading

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Biocaml: The OCaml Bioinformatics Library

Abstract Biology is an increasingly computational discipline due to rapid advances in experimental techniques, especially DNA sequencing, that are generating data at unprecedented rates. The computational techniques needed range from the complex (.e.g algorithms, distributed computing) to the simple (e.g. … Continue reading

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